Team Experience


The Synergy ECP Team presents our detailed approach to the technical requirements of the solicitation, organized by SOW Functional Areas. For the selected Functional Area requirements below, we include specific current or past experience examples noting whether the Synergy ECP Team member on each contract was a prime or a subcontractor, considering the zone, mission area, and technical capability. The below provides our detailed experience and expertise for the Synergy ECP Team’s proposed seven zones.

FA 3.2 Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support

  1. Contract No. H98230-09-C-1130, Subcontractor: Provided enterprise systems engineering support, systems architecture and quality assurance, lifecycle management, process engineering consulting for complex system of systems large scale integration projects.
  2. Contract No. N00178-06-D-4872, Subcontractor: Provided program and engineering support for overall management for design, project management and construction efforts for database management support to include acquisition planning, communication and data management.
  3. Contract No. H98230-11-R-1196, Subcontractor: Provided integrated systems engineering processes support focusing on systems security engineering, analysis, integration, engineering, testing and systems security risk management requirements.

FA 3.6 Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support

  1. Contract No. H98230-09-C-1130, Subcontractor: Provided enterprise software engineering support, software architecture, software quality assurance, software development lifecycle management, and CMMI process engineering consulting.
  2. Contract No. H98230-07-D-0185, Subcontractor: Performed network installations, network architecture engineering consulting, and secure networking solutions.
  3. Contract No. N00421-00-A-0351, Subcontractor: Developed web-enabled processes for world-wide SAP R/3 ERP system implementation, plus developed NAVAIR’s sales and operation planning policy and processes as well as coordinated, performed, documented and analyzed benchmarking studies to identify improvement opportunities in a realistic performance measures.

FA 3.12 Information Systems (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA) and Information Technology (IT) Support

  1. Contract No. H98230-07-D-0185, Subcontractor: Performed network installations, information assurance measures, vulnerability assessments and mitigation recommendations, compliance tactics against customer requirements, secure networking, helpdesk and enterprise IT desktop support.
  2. Contract No. H98230-11-R-1196, Subcontractor: Provide senior-level subject matter expertise in Information Assurance, Certification and Accreditation, Analysis and Integration, Engineering and Testing within formalized Risk Management Framework.
  3. Contract No. N00178-00-C-2006, Subcontractor: Deployed enterprise program management solutions, implemented project management suite for software and mods, and implemented data warehouse decision support system.
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